Mom Frames Daughter As Terrorist To Stop Wedding

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This month, royal haters, a Napoleonic law and a false bomb alert put a damper on weddings.

Not every mother is thrilled for her daughter's wedding, but while some dissenters hold their peace, others accuse the bride of being a suicide bomber. CNN recently reported the story of a Russian woman who told police that her daughter planned to explode a plane in order to stop the daughter from eloping. The flight was delayed and the bride, who was traveling to Morocco for her wedding, was taken away for questioning. Investigators later traced the call to her mother, who admitted that she disapproved of her daughter's engagement to a Moroccan citizen.

Maybe November just isn't a good month for weddings, because a disgruntled mother isn't the only person who has reacted badly to a couple's impending nuptials. Here are three other cases of those who chose not to forever hold their peace:

Lesbian fired for wedding announcement. Laine Tadlock reported that her bosses at Benedictine University in Springfield, Ill., objected to her wedding notice in a local paper. Tadlock, formerly a director of education programs, was told that her gay lifestyle was incompatible with the university's Catholic values, and that keeping her as an employee would be inconsistent with the institution's morals. In June, Tadlock married Kae Helstrom, an adjunct professor at the university, but Helstrom was not asked to step down. A few months later, the school offered Tadlock an early retirement, which Tadlock turned down. After refusing the school's offer of an early retirement, Tadlock was asked to take a different post within the institution. Again, Tadlock refused, so in a statement written this Thursday, Benedictine announced that they'd taken Tadlock's decision as an official resignation. She is currently studying her legal options.

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