Improve Your Love Making With Sexual Role Play

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Role play during love making creates intimacy and can invigorate your sex life.

For beginners, Natasha suggests starting with his temperature, then feel his manhood, which will then easily maneuver into, "I think I felt a lump." Expert moves include a prostate exam and urine analysis, but "if something is not working," she says, "move on. Don't dwell."

After you've finished your examination, it's time for the diagnosis and, of course, the cure. Perhaps he needs a few bandages? Make Ace work for you and tie him to the bedpost. Or maybe an erotic massage is in order. Keep the communication going by including him and his desires in the scene.

Lines to get you started: "Hello sir, how are you feeling today? You seem flushed, and a bit excited, is there anything wrong? Let me look at your chart. Hmmm... it seems like you have a history of recurrent priapism. Oh look, I see you're having one now. Just lie back and spread your legs, and let me see what I can do for you..."

#2 Teacher

Essentials: Sexy glasses, a bun, black lingerie, a ruler, an apple and some attitude.

To begin, have him waiting for you alone in a room. He should be sitting. You enter, apple in hand. Take a bite and look into his eyes. "And don't act overtly sexy—yet" she cautions. "The tease is a large part of the game."

A good place to start, Natasha says, is to ask him to explain why he's been bad, and then to ask him what he thinks his punishment should be.

Lines to get you started: Try this from seductress T.M. Lee's I'll Do Anything For An A.

Roles: Professor Cougar, first-year college student.

STUDENT: Knocks on the professor's door.

PROFESSOR: (Sitting behind her desk.) Come in.

STUDENT: Professor Cougar, I would like to speak to you about my midterm paper.

PROFESSOR: What about your midterm paper?

STUDENT: My grade.

PROFESSOR: What about your grade?

STUDENT: I'd like to improve it?


STUDENT: I'd do anything you suggest.

PROFESSOR: Anything?

STUDENT: Yes, anything and I mean anything.

©Copyright Seductress T M Lee

#3 Secretary

Essentials: A home office, a desk, and a note pad. 1960s Mad Men attire suggested.

Unlike the previous examples, this scenario involves him taking the lead. It's great for a man who always has business on his mind. Instead of fighting his workaholic tendencies, incorporate them into your sex life.

Tell him beforehand that you know he has a lot going on, and that you have a plan to make things more fun. Tell him that he can work as long as he wants tonight as long as he allows for one hour of sexy secretary time. He's in charge, and you agree to help him out around the office. Allow him to tell you about work, make him feel like he is sexy and in charge.

Lines to get you started:

Her: Knock Knock. Excuse me, Mr. Draper. You called?

Him: Yes, Candy. Please sit down. I have some things I'd like to discuss with you. As you can tell, I am carrying quite a load, and I'm going to have to ask you to help out.

Her: Sure, Mr. Draper, I'm taking notes. Where do we start?

Him: First, I'm going to need you to take off your top...

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