Top 20 Celebrity Sex And Love Scandals Of 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Join us as we count down 2010's top 20 celebrity love and sex scandals.

4. Dennis Hopper's Deathbed Divorce

Sixties counterculture film icon Dennis Hopper died of prostate cancer this year, but before he did, he tried to divorce his fifth wife so she wouldn't get all his money. It was a classy last act from a complicated man. Dennis and his wife of 14 years, Victoria Duffy, have a 7-year-old daughter; he also has three children from his previous marriages, aged 48, 36 and 20. Dennis filed for divorce from Victoria in January, and also got a restraining order against her. A court ruled in April that she could continue living on his property, and he was ordered to pay spousal and child support. Dennis passed away in May, and Victoria had to settle for only 25 percent of his life insurance payout. Poor gal. 

3. Charlie. Sheen.

The saga of Charlie Sheen continued in 2010, after he and wife Brooke Mueller closed out 2009 with a rageful holiday in Colorado. He seemed OK for a while, but then was back to his abusive ways in October when he locked a woman named Capri Anderson in the bathroom of his Plaza Hotel room during a drug-fueled rampage. Then he did it again a week later. And a week after that, he finally filed for divorce from Brooke. And he is still making more than a million dollars a week for that show where he wears bowling shirts all the time.

2. Tiger's Wood

Even though this story began in 2009, when Tiger Woods crashed his Escalade into a tree and his wife, Elin, "rescued" him by smashing "the back window" of the SUV with a golf club, it really got seamy in 2010, when more and more porn stars and escorts and hostesses and next-door neighbors came forward to say that they, too, had put a tiger in their tanks. Tiger lost a number of sponsorships and spent some time in rehab, but it wasn't enough to save his marriage. Elin decided to quit while she was ahead, divorced Tiger and moved to Sweden with the kids. And Tiger is playing really boring (and not very successful) golf again. It's the circle of gossip, folks.