Top 20 Celebrity Sex And Love Scandals Of 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Join us as we count down 2010's top 20 celebrity love and sex scandals.

7. Al And Tipper Gore Divorce Amid Allegations Of Cheating

Al and Tipper Gore split after four decades of marriage this year, and almost immediately rumors flew that Al had gotten a little too close to his fellow environmentalist Laurie David, who is divorced from curmudgeonly Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry. Both Laurie and Al denied the reports, but then he was accused of groping some masseuses—one even said he acted like a "crazed sex poodle," which is a new thing we've never heard of (and being YourTango writers, we've heard quite a lot). The sexual harassment case was dismissed in July due to a lack of evidence, which hopefully means there are no Polaroids that the American Kennel Club would be interested in.

6. Mel Gibson Goes Even Crazier

Last year, Mel Gibson welcomed his eighth child. This year, he split up with his baby mama after physically abusing her, and went on to repeatedly threaten her with all sorts of horrible things, all of which we got to hear, and this has thoroughly spoiled our enjoyment of Chicken Run. Are you proud of yourself, Melvin?

5. Brett Favre Is A Sexter, Too

This fall, we learned that while playing for the Jets two years ago, Brett made it his business to text photos of his anatomy to a woman named Jenn Sterger, who worked for the team. There were also voicemails in which he insisted that Jenn might enjoy seeing Little Brett in a less digital format. Now the NFL is investigating, because amateur pornography is much more important than chronic brain injuries.