Top 20 Celebrity Sex And Love Scandals Of 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Join us as we count down 2010's top 20 celebrity love and sex scandals.

13. Tiki Barber Leaves His Pregnant Wife For An NBC Intern

The former NFL star left his wife while she was eight months pregnant with twins for a 23-year-old named Traci. In May, Ginny banned Tiki from the delivery room when she gave birth to the two girls. Lucky for him, his offenses have been overshadowed by a certain aging, cellphone-loving quarterback.  

12. Bachelor Jake And Vienna Freak Out On TV

News flash: The Bachelor is still popular, despite batting .071 at making its male stars not bachelors. The most recent season, which spawned both a Dancing With the Stars contestant (which is your answer to the trivia question "How is The Bachelor like Sarah Palin?") and the meta-show Bachelor Pad, resulted in the angriest, most passive-aggressive reunion show ever in which Jake Pavelka, the frequently shirtless airline pilot, and his forever-and-never love, Vienna Girardi, snapped at each other like a pair of starving Dobermans. While they didn't succeed at making the case for themselves as viable romantic partners, they certainly earned ABC some big Monday-night ratings.

11. Did Justin Timberlake Cheat On Jessica Biel With Olivia Munn?

For almost four years now, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been having what is in reality a low-key and rather normal-seeming relationship, but what the tabloids insist is a roller coaster of emotion fraught with jealousy, ultimatums and suppressed rage. In October, Us Weekly wrote that Justin and Daily-Show-correspondent Olivia Munn had a fling in New York while he was in town promoting The Social Network. We don't know if this is true but, frankly, we're hoping Jessica cheats on him, if only so he'll get his skinny Tennessee butt back in the studio and make another awesome album.