High mortality & online dating

High mortality & online dating

Why do countless online daters think life
is short?


I’ve seen so many online dating profiles claiming,
“life is short” that I’m beginning to think I just might be able to max out my
credit cards and get away with it. That upside aside, do online daters have
some freakishly high mortality rate that I didn’t know about?

For the record, I know about a half a dozen people
in their 90’s who would disagree with life being short.


I suggest not using that claim on your online
dating profile. For one, you have no idea if it’s accurate. Life could end up
being really, really long. After all, just think of how some days feel.


More importantly, “life is short” is trite. It’s
yet another one of those lines that way too many people use.


Sometimes I’ve seen it used to explain why someone
has taken up online dating. Yet, there’s no need to explain. Online dating has
become mainstream. There’s no shame in it. In fact, how embarrassingly
old-fashioned is it to meet at a party? What would you tell your kids? Just


I’ve also seen “life is short” used to encourage
potential suitors to take the risk and make contact.


My guess is that if you actually do convince
someone that they have little time left to live, chances are they might do
something other than contact a stranger on some dating site. I, for one, would
go off somewhere and max out my credit card. I wouldn’t be scanning online
dating profiles on Match.com or Lavalife. No offense.


don’t justify why you’re online dating and don’t use “life is short” to
encourage someone to contact you. Instead, promote your greatest attributes and
give them good reason to reach out. 

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