Does A Racist Jesse James Taint Sandra Bullock?

Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Racist Nazi

She had to have known, right? Jesse James' Mistress Count Up To 4

After the last mistress has come forward, after the last compromising picture is revealed, after the last tabloid cover story is printed... will Sandra Bullock still be OK?

No, not her heart — her career and her reputation: Can America's Sweetheart still be America's Sweetheart if she was in love with a white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer? In some parts of the country, perhaps... But in Hollywood? All About Michelle McGee's Swastika, Nazi Ways

Look, Sandy's our gal here at YourTango and this CelebLover's hometown hero (Go Arlington, Virginia!), but we've just got to say She had to have known, right?

The Neo-Nazi Friends,The Iron Cross-esque West Coast Choppers Logo, The Adolf Hitler Surf Board, The Heil Hitler Photoshoot — not to mention the HUGE sexual harassment case in 2007, which took place at the beginning of their relationship and was settled two years into their marriage. How did you not know you were married to this Nazi sex monster?

They say love is blind, but is it deaf, dumb and mute, too? Jesse James Even Worse Than We Knew

This much we know is true: Jesse James is a likely closeted racist who likes to knock boots with breasty, tattooed Nazi fetishists. So what did he see in Sandy and she in him?

We'd like to believe that our ink-free, itty-bitty-tittie Sandy shares none of the attributes possessed by the women her husband betrayed her with... that it was the transformative love of a good woman that attracted Jesse James to her side, and not, say, her German heritage.

But who knows? Sigh. This story is so sad.