Would You Give Your First Love A Second Chance?

first love second chance

A new reality show on TV Land reunites former couples. Would you give an old flame another chance?

We can't help but remember our first loves, even if we'd rather forget them.

Whether it was a high school sweetheart, your first real relationship after college, or the first person you said "I love you" to, chances are that person still holds a powerful spell over you. Now a brand-new TV show is betting on the fact that—if you haven't already found him on Facebook—you'd like the opportunity to reconnect in real life. Or maybe on live TV. Lemondrop: Reunion Stunts Are Popular, Especially If You Weren't

Each Wednesday, First Love, Second Chance follows a couple who have decided to reunite and discover whether they still have sparks. OK, we can see the appeal of re-discovering the one who got away, but what would possess someone to do it front of a large chunk of America? We asked a few of the "First Love, Second Chance" cast members to find out—including the pair who got their second go at true love last night.

Then we asked a handful of women whether they'd ever go back. Lemondrop: How Much Would You Pay To Avoid Talking To An Ex?

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Written by Emily Tan for Lemondrop.