Sex Is Not Part Of Dutch HMOs, Evidently

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Sometimes sexual harassment and great health care butt heads.

The New York Times caught wind of some strangeness in Holland. Apparently, many hospital patients feel that some level of sexual gratification ought to be included in their hospital care, since sexual harassment seems to be gaining popularity amongst some invalids. And who's to argue with that logic? Dutch nurses, that's who.

Evidently, the nurses of the Netherlands have decided to put their feet down (in comfortable shoes, no less). They want either the government or health-care providers (sort of one and the same since 2006) to tell patients to knock it off when it comes to sexual harassment. The nurses' union, NU91, have actually initiated a campaign called "I Draw The Line Here." Read: When Does Flirting Cross The Line?

The program's goal is to remind people staying in hospitals that, despite what porn may have us believe, nurses do not perform sex acts as part of their duties. In fact, they would prefer that such hanky panky didn't go on between health-care providers and health-care receivers.

The Times goes on to discuss the particular case of a young woman being harassed by an invalid who believed that the nurse's job was to maintain more than just his physical health. Evidently, this is not atypical for a nurse in Holland. Maybe it's because you can buy sex in Amsterdam, maybe it's because the healthcare system in Holland is so darn comprehensive or maybe nurses worldwide just get asked to touch people's stuff. These are probably questions we should ask as we seek to rebuild American health care: do we really want old, young and middle-aged men wagging their boners at our nurses, nursing students, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists and registered nurses?

Sponge-bath nurse fantasies be damned, I think we should have more respect for the medical profession in the Netherlands. There is a time and a place for propositioning Dutch women, and they are between 10 PM and 4 AM and in the Red Light District, respectively. And these women will be happy to wear nurses' uniforms and probably also administer enemas. Read: Sex In Amsterdam Park Now Acceptable