listen to your heart


First off I am new to the site and blogging. Looking forward to making new friends and receiving constructive criticism.
Just a brief history of me and my guy. He was married for about 8 years and is divorced. I was married almost 9 years and am widowed. This is the first time either of us has decided to take the chance at a serious LTR since our marriages. We have both been with people but nothing like this!
I am so glad that for once in my life I took a chance and listened to my heart and instincts. We have been together for almost a year and have lived together for much of that time. We love each other so much and are happily in love.
Seems straight forward right? Lately there has been a new mental stage for me in the dreaming. A specific one...marriage.
We have talked about it before. He has gone from not being sure he wants to marry again to he's "not ruling it out" his words. He knows I would like to be married again.
We seem to gave the same goals. Neither one of us has ruled out anything. On an individual level we both would like to have more children though it is not a requirement.
So I find myself wondering if there are any emotional cues he might give off saying that I might be the woman he would want to marry.
I am so happy with him.
At this point I am just kind of curious to see where it leads. I hope the day dream is something that becomes the reality.