4 Famous Irish Lovers

colin farrell

A list of famous Irish lovers for St. Patrick's Day fun. Ireland's more than just beer, you know.

Every year on March 17 we Americans cobble together a green(ish) outfit, hole up at a pub and wash our Guinness down with a a slew of memorized Irish cliches. Honestly, we'll pay tribute to any country if it means getting drunk, so "top o' the morning to you," too. St. Patrick's Day Is The Most Romantic Holiday

While the country's cloudy weather and castles may conjure up images of red hair, freckles and potatoes, Ireland also boasts quite an impressive list of passionate, if not controversial, lovers. 

Here's a crash course in some of Ireland's most passionate fleshbots throughout history, in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

James Joyce: The prolific and brilliant novelist not only created some of the world's most influential modernist fiction, but also crafted a series of eyebrow-raising love+letters+to+Nora+Barnacle">erotic letters to wife Nora Barnacle. In these letters, Joyce lowered the arch of his highbrow musings and penned a flurry of naughty prose about his love for Nora's flatulence, "fat thighs" and superb oral sex skills. A love letter between the two was later auctioned off in a 2004 Sotheby's auction for $500,000. Erotic Literature: Our 5 Favorites

Oscar Wilde: Writer Oscar Wilde was a married homosexual whose appetite for scandal was the only thing that outweighed his desire for men. While playing happily devoted husband to Constance Lloyd and father to their two children, he carried on an elaborate affair with Lord Alfred Douglas. After the young Lord's father found out about the two men's indiscretions, he incited a lengthy campaign to imprison the writer for his acts of sodomy in 1895. He was successful and Wilde was arrested and jailed for several acts of gross indecency. 

Morrissey: The lead singer of The Smiths (whose parents moved to Lancashire, England from Ireland) often described himself as a "prophet for the fourth sex" in that he was equally bored with women as he was with men. He liked to tell music magazines that he was celibate and asexual. However, it's widely believed he carried on an affair with guitarist Johnny Marr, and that songs like "This Charming Man" and "Hand In Glove" reference gay sex. Not only that, but how could anyone who wistfully described getting hit by a doubledecker bus and dying by his lover's side as a "pleasure and privilege" be truly asexual? Sexual Anorexia: The Opposite Of Sex Addiction?

Colin Farrell: A sex symbol and noted bad boy (actor on the side), Colin Farrell has become almost as famous for his drunk carousing as for his work. The actor not only (allegedly) romanced Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie, but also made a highly circulated sex tape with Playboy bunny Nicole Narain, which premiered on the website dirtycolin.com. In addition, actress Dame Eileen Atkins (who happens to be 40 years his senior) claims that Colin propistioned her for sex after the two co-starred together in Ask The Dust. Meanwhile, phone sex operator Dessarae Bradford claims that Farrell left her a series of disturbing and lewd voice mail messages, which prompted her to self-publish the book Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy.  10 Hottest Irish Hunks For St. Patrick's Day