David Schwimmer Engaged To Brit Zoe Buckman

David Schwimmer Zoe Buckman engaged

Who is this girl David Schwimmer is marrying?

Former Friends star David Schwimmer announced Sunday that he and his girlfriend of three years, British photographer Zoe Buckman, have gotten engaged but haven't yet set a wedding date. On David Letterman's show Monday, Schwimmer's former costar Jennifer Aniston asked the question we were all thinking: Who is Zoe Buckman?

The 24-year-old photographer met David while he was in London directing the 2007 film Run, Fatboy, Run, which was quite funny and starred Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton. At the time she was working as a waitress, and the two soon began dating, with Zoe accompanying David to events for the movie over the following year. But unlike David's other Friends costars, whose every dating move still attracts attention six years after the show ended, the couple stayed pretty much below the radar, even when she brought him home for Christmas to meet her family in the London suburb of Stoke Newington in 2008. For the Guys: Meeting the Family

Last night on Letterman Jennifer Aniston brought up David's engagement before confessing she had no idea whom her former on-screen flame was marrying. And Dave did not illuminate her, but neither did he take the chance to point out that even Schwimmer has found someone and poor Jen is still a tragic spinster, while Angelina Jolie has all those beautiful multiracial babies. Or at least that's the angle we expect In Touch and Life & Style to take on Wednesday. Maybe she should have made one of those let's-have-a-baby-when-we're-40 pacts with Matthew Perry. 3 Men and Jen

Via Entertainment Weekly. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.