Community: 10 Things We Wish He'd Keep To Himself


Men can often get a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease around women, and we're trying to find out what your pet hates are. We've put together a list to get the ball rolling... and so that men can be well-informed about what what really cheeses us off! So listen up guys. These are some things that can really kill that date…

  1. On a first date, asking her how old she is
  2. Asking her to pick YOU up for the date
  3. Asking her why she's still single and then following it up with, "Maybe you’re too picky"
  4. Talking about the price of things: how "cheap" things are, or how it's a "great deal" (you come across as a penny-pincher)
  5. Picking her up in a messy car where she has to shove 3 or 4 things off the passenger seat to sit down
  6. Asking her if she's had plastic surgery or botox (it's never a compliment)
  7. Asking her "What's your natural hair colour?"
  8. Talking about her weight, whether it's a compliment or not (Ie: you're really skinny; don't you eat? Or, do you think you should eat that?)
  9. Equally, commenting on how much she eats, or doesn't eat
  10. Been on many dates lately?
  11. Talking/texting on your phone while you're on a date

We'd love to hear what you have to add to the list and, for that matter, what topics women should avoid while dating.