6 Ways Lip Gloss *Totally* Beats Lipstick Any Day Of The Week

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lip gloss

Here's a beauty secret: lip gloss rules over lip stick.

According to the Office of National Statistics in the UK, lip gloss has replaced lipstick as the must-have, on-the-go beauty item. The Daily Mail refers to this switch as "recessionista fashion," and BBC News also points to it as a sign of inflation. But is the economy the real cause of gloss's new reign?

But, we think lip gloss has ruled the roost for a while. Here's why:

1. They tend to moisturize dry lips. They make them pillow-y soft and perfect for kissing

2. They look more natural. It's often best to rely upon your natural beauty. You don't want to look as if you're trying too hard. 

3. They don't stain teeth. Nothing counteracts the sexy va-va-voom of a bright pout like lipstick stains on your two front teeth.

4. They come in scents and flavors like tiramisu and red velvet. You taste and smell delicious. 

5. They don't mark the recipient of your smooches. We're sure he'll appreciate the clean collars and fresh-faced cheeks.

6. You can now use your lip gloss to hit on that hottie a few cubicles over. How? Too Faced Cosmetics has developed a line of Mood Swing lip glosses that darken in color the more turned on you are. We're not sure exactly how it works, but we're going to assume magic.

Either way, using the line "can't you see how turned on I am?" can now work without revealing anything more than your lips. We only wish the glosses came in colors other than pale pink, neon pink, and purple. When you're into natural beauty, the goth look just doesn't cut it. 

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