Romantic Gesture Ends In Trip To Jail

man in handcuffs
Buzz, Love

The story of Rapunzel retold, but with Germans and a less-than-happy ending.

You know the phrase "no good deed goes unpunished"? Yeah, I didn't know what it meant, either, until I read this doozy of a story: Per Reuters, a young German tried to get his Rapunzel on, and ended up spending the night in the slammer like MC Hammer.

The poor young man decided to try climbing to his special lady's second story window, with some flowers and a little love juice (in this case, wine) in hand. The woman, fearing that she was about to fall prey to a cat burglar or, worse, some sex pervert, called the police (der polizei) when she heard the ruckus. After explaining the perceived nature of the ruckus to the switchboard operator, she was greeted by both the man and the police. In most cases, such a happy misunderstanding would most likely have been easily explained away, but the German police are (A) thorough and (B) not wont to put up with people lurking and/or skulking. That and the man decided to bolt when he saw the cops. Not smart. He was summarily caught and restrained. While the police questioned him, they ran his prints or his name or something and found that he had an outstanding warrant. So, instead of getting freaky deaky with his special lady, he had a date with a 5-foot-by-9-foot cell. Read: German Entrepreneur Will Do The Breaking Up For You

I think we can all consider this a win, and not only because the man wasn't nude or brandishing a dildo. It seems that because the arresting officers didn't bounce his head off of the pavement, the man gave them his bottle of wine. Because, while the German police are firm, they are also fair.

The whereabouts of the floral arrangement were not available at press time.