Billy Corgan Says Jessica Simpson Is Worth Loving

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Billy Corgan tsks tsks John Mayer, believes Jessica Simpson is worth loving.

OK, OK. So the romance wasn't real.

("The stuff that I've seen doesn't have any bearing to the reality that I'm in," Billy Corgan has said, referring to his and Jessica Simpson's tabloid tales of love. "It's like being in a cartoon. It has nothing to do with what's really going on or how I feel.")

But that doesn't mean that he feels NOTHING for the pop-princess-turned-reality-TV star, with whom he's been making sweet-not-sexual music. Jessica Simpson And Billy Corgan: So Weird, Right?

"Sometimes people just like being around each other, and good things come out of that," he said. "My goal in life is to love whoever I think is worth loving, and I think if people knew her like I knew her, they would love her like I do. It's really simple."

Write that on your mirror with red lipstick, Jessica Simpson: I am worth loving.

And she is. That's why Corgan was so hopping mad about the unnecessarily sexualized comments (Read: What Is "Sexual Napalm," John Mayer?) John Mayer made about his friend that is a girl, the lovely and lovable Ms. Simpson, that he sat down with Rolling Stone magazine to talk about it (among other things).

"He's trying to destroy his career," Corgan said about John Mayer's recent bout of verbal diarrhea. And, "as far as it pertains to her, I think for any person who has celebrity to sort of drop rocks at somebody else's feet like that — there's things you should really just keep your mouths shut on. There's things that should just be left alone."

You hear that John Mayer? Billy Corgan thinks you are in a no-turning-back downward spiral. John Mayer Overshares In Playboy, Cries

"Certainly a talented guy, but empathetically, standing on the sidelines, it's hard to watch someone literally burn their career to the ground — speaking as somebody who's done it," he said. And maybe he's right? Or not: Why You Should Reconsider John Mayer

What do you think? Is John Mayer sub-consciously trying to ruin his career?

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