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Love Bytes: Korean Man Marries Pillow


Korean man marries his pillow, the Jersey Shore house is up for rent and spring's flirtiest trends.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links:

Korean man marries pillow. Registers only for pillow cases? [Asylum]

Signs you're a female player. [The Frisky]

Signs we live in the 19th century. Alabama high school cancels prom so lesbian student can't bring female date. [lemondrop]

Japanese high school teaches students how to find and keep partners. [TresSugar]

Poll: How do you know when a relationshp is ending? [Em & Lo]

Don't be silly. Of course Barbie furries exist! [BuzzFeed]

7 ways to beat depression after a divorce. [Huffington Post]

5 embarassing things men tell their friends about you. [Cosmopolitan]

Spring's flirtiest trend. Can you guess what it is? [Marie Claire]

Planning a romantic getaway? Why not book a stay in the Jersey Shore house? [PopEater] Quiz: Which 'Jersey Shore' Character Are You?


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