4 Ways To Get Your Dating Groove Back

Love, Heartbreak

Difficult breakup? Dating rut? You will love again. Here are some fresh dating tips.

Feeling a little rusty? Psychologist Judith Sills, PhD, recommends three attitude adjustments and a new skill.

1. Be truly single. Don't think: I'm too old, tired, or fat to do this. Do think: I just turned back the clock for a second chance.

2. Lose your agenda. Don't think: I save time by laying out exactly what I want. Do think: Discover the person in front of me.

3. Practice on social-networking sites. Don't think: I have no clue how to relate to a new person. Do think: I can use the internet to learn how to flirt and try out my answers about my past.

4. Forgive your mistakes. Don't think: I should be wiser by now. Do think: I'm braver, and I'll get better at this.

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