Should Bar Refaeli Dump Leo DiCaprio For A Jew?

Bar Refaeli dump non Jewish Leonardo DiCaprio

Jewish group urges Bar Refaeli to find a nice Jewish boy, not Leonardo DiCaprio.

An Israeli nationalist group is urging model Bar Refaeli to dump her boyfriend of four years, Leonardo DiCaprio, and settle down with some nice Jewish boy and make loads of yarmulke-wearing babies. Well, that's...racist. And kind of premature, as it's not even confirmed that the two are engaged.

Baruch Marzel, a fairly well-known ultra-nationalist, sent Bar’s mother a letter that read in part, "It is not by chance that you were born Jewish. Your grandmother and her grandmother did not dream that one of their descendants would one day remove the family's future generations from the Jewish people. Assimilation has forever been one of the enemies of the Jewish people." Jewish Girl Seeks "Goyfriend" for Christmas

Erm, we might be wrong, but we were under the impression that Judaism is a matrilineal religion, meaning if your mom's Jewish, you're Jewish. So shouldn't he be more concerned about, like, how Isla Fisher's conversion is going? And given Bar's well-publicized clashes with many tenets of Israeli life—serving in the armed forces, paying her taxes—we're not sure an appeal from some conservative to dump her hot, famous millionaire boyfriend and settle down to rear a pack of kids is going to have much appeal. Converting To A New Religion Before Marriage

So we doubt that Mr. Marzel's campaign will have much impact on Bar, but who will he turn his wrath on next? Maybe he's behind Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon's breakup. Does he know that Shia LaBeouf is dating a shiksa? And what about Adam Lambert? Man, we bet Kate Hudson really blows his mind.

Via The Los Angeles Times and Gawker. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.