Mario Lopez' Girlfriend Courtney Mazza Is Pregnant

Mario Lopez is a Dad

Dimple-cheeks Mario Lopez says he's waited his whole life to be a dad.

Sexy bachelor no more, Mario Lopez is going to be a daddy!

"Courtney and I couldn't be more excited," the former Saved By The Bell star said in a statement on Extra. "I've waited my whole life to be a dad — this is a true blessing. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with my family and my family at Extra."

The baby, which is due this fall, will be the first for the 36-year-old television host and his 28-year-old girlfriend Courtney Mazza, a broadway dancer whom he met in 2008 while staring in A Chorus Line.

The proud parent-to-be cannot keep his excitement to himself, reiterating to PEOPLE: "I'm really excited. I'm happy. I can't wait to be a dad. I grew up in a large family. I'm fired up! I don't know what we're having. I'm going to wait to see [the baby's gender] so it will be a surprise."

By the looks and pedigree of its mama and pops, this baby will surely be a dark-eyed entertainer.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.


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