Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni: Both Having Affairs

Carla Bruni Nicolas Sarkozy Affair

French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni have each taken other lovers.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his leggy wife Carla Bruni have taken lovers outside of their marriage, the international press is reporting... And reporting not as a political sex scandal, but as sensational gossip of the rich, beautiful and powerful!

First starting on Twitter, the rumors that Carla "Bored With Monogamy" Bruni and Nicolas "Serial Philanderer" Sarkozy were getting un peu quelque chose sur le côté then creeped onto the blogosphere before erupting onto the mainstream newsosphere. 5 Scandalous Celebrity Affairs

"The presidential marriage is breathing its last breaths," says le Journal du Dimanche. "Carla Bruni is in love with Benjamin Biolay and the president has found solace with Chantal Jouanno."

According to the papers, a romance is said to have started a few weeks ago between the First Lady of France and Benjamin Biolay, an award-winning musician whose creative impulse is most likely behind the rumored attraction (Carla Bruni is herself a musician, and has bedded the likes of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.) The two are purportedly unofficially living together at his Parisian apartment. Sex Tapes Of Carla Bruni Stolen, May Sell

For his part, the jilted Sarkozy has "found solace" in the strong arms of a right-wing French karate champion, his 40-year-old ecology minister Chantal Jouanno.

Some, however, believe that this convenient affair was dreamed up by Sarkozy's PR department to "save face," or perhaps more descriptively, save ego. "Sarkozy the swordsman cuts a more appealing figure than Sarkozy the cuckold" says Daily Telegraph blogger Toby Young, who notes that the President's second wife, Cecilia Ciganer-Albaniz, also left him for another man. French President Nicolas Sarkozy And Wife Divorce

"He would never have affairs. And have you ever seen a picture of him having an affair? Ah, so."

— Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, dismissing speculation that husband Nicolas Sarkozy had ever been unfaithful, in an interview with Britain's Sky News. As for once saying monogamy bored her, Bruni-Sarkozy noted that was before she wed the French prez. [Source: Washington Post's Reliable Source]

Sarkozy and Bruni were married in February 2008, and are scheduled to last up until his last day in office. French Prez Marries Former Model

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