Conan + Twitter = Dream Wedding?


A 19-year-old Michigander found fame & free wedding stuff from being Conan O'Brien's friend.

Holy moly, finally a real reason for Twitter to exist: Free Wedding Stuff.

According to Business Insider, infamous, recluse Conan O'Brien has turned some gal life flipped / turned upside. The former host of The Tonight Show decided to single out one Twitter user to follow and see what would happen. Yes, it is the exact same plot as Trading Places but without the frozen orange juice concentrate scheme. Read: Twitter Top 10: Advice Columnists To Follow

Because the Pale One's blessing is so powerful (it's really almost a Twilight Zone episode), he actually asked Sarah Killen ( if she was ready for her life to change and she was ready. Evidently, since she was about to get married, the 19-year old was ready for any and all changes to come her way. Read: How To Include Him In The Wedding Planning

Between the time Coco bestowed his grace upon LovelyButton and now (a scant five days), the lover of soups and gummy products gained 21,000 Twitter pals and had someone sponsor her wedding gown and the vino for the ceremony.

Check out the video from MTV. She is as cute as a (lovely) button.

I, for one, hope that this isn't some deal with the devil and Conan doesn't demand his paternal right of primae noctis. Never mind, I was thinking of Letterman.

Do you think Jay Leno knows what Twitter is or is he more into mistakes in the newspaper? Would you let someone sponsor your wedding? Isn't it crazy that having Conan O'Brien follow you on Twitter is a bigger deal than going on the Tonight Show (sorta).

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