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How To Spot A Facebook Cheater

You've had a poke war raging since the dawn of time, he "likes" all of your statuses and every time you sign into chat, he's the first one wanting to know what's up. The guy is Facebook Flirting. Hard. There's just one problem—he's listed as "in a relationship." Um, what? In this age of pokes and tweets, the definition of cheating has gotten a little blurry. So how can you tell when a guy isn't playing by the (Face)book? Simple. Here are three ways to spot a potential Facebook cheater:

1. You have 20 new notifications…and 15 of them are from him
Seriously? Nobody cares (or should care) that much about your Farmville cow…unless they're trying to milk it. Think about it: is it not weird that he's spending more time chatting up other girls than he is with his actual girlfriend? And if her wall is silent, it's a good sign that since she's not very active on Facebook, he thinks it's a safe place to mess around. Facebook Manners And You
2. He makes flirty comments on your pictures.
Of course your new tattoo is "hot." Of course your new hairstyle is "cute." And those are great compliments to be getting from anyone other than a supposedly taken guy. Tell that wandering eye to direct its gaze elsewhere, because if he's doing it to his current girlfriend, don't think for a second that he won't do it to you, too. 5 Online Dating Red Flags Women Look For
3. He avoids the G word every time you bring her up.
I once had a guy openly hitting on me over Facebook, while we were both in relationships, no less. Every time I tried to deflect his flirtation with questions about his current girlfriend (or the baby she'd just had with him!), he'd nervously change the subject. If he's more interested in talking about your weekend plans than he is about his so-called girlfriend, there is a definite problem. What Kind Of Guys Look For Affairs Online?

Have any other examples of Facebook relationship misconduct? Leave them in the comments!

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