The Rozlyn Papa Sex Tape Is Now Available

rozlyn papa sex tape

Attention: Bachelor-wannabe Rozlyn Papa's alleged and so-called sex tape is now available for public consumption on the very NSFW web site

Will you click?

As earlier reported, the so-called sex tape (can it really be called a sex tape if it's only a fifteen minute clip?) features a Rozlyn-like blondie laying some lip on a double-shung hottie. Rozlyn Papa's Sex Tape Stars A Well-Endowed Man

But is it really her? The porn industry says "it is," and Papa's camp: "what sex tape?"

Fortunately for the latter, it appears as if the surfaced featurette is a fake: "... the blond woman shown "is clearly not her," says Papa's rep, Stacie Vanchieri.

"I've seen the tape," she continues. "Anyone who has met her once would know it's not her. The woman has a different body, hands, face, everything."

Indeed, the fast flick shows a seemingly much more flat-chested woman than the 29-year-old reality star.

"The woman looks directly into the camera and is definitely not Rozlyn," Vanchieri claims. "The tape looks like it was done as porn to be sold, not a private moment captured on tape…It so clearly seems someone is trying to ruin her. I don't know why someone would do this to her—she has to take her son to school in the mornings." [Source: E! Online]

Looks like they got lucky — this time. The sheer excitement expressed over the not-so-look-alike woman makes us think that there is a Rozlyn Papa sex tape lurking out there somewhere! 6 Infamous Celebrity Sex Tape Stars