Man Gets Engaged Using Cinematic Ruse

couple in movie theater
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People continue to set the bar high with their creative marriage proposals.

While that old trick of presenting an engagement ring on bended knee and asking, "Will you marry me?" while in a private setting is the most classic (and classy) way to become engaged, it's not the only good way to make betrothal a reality. There's the ring at the bottom of the champagne glass... there's the cake with "Will U Marry Me?" in icing... there's the impromptu "hey, let's get married" after a particularly intimate moment... there's even the old reprogramming a handheld video game trick. And after you've exhausted all of the more subtle options, there's the banner being dragged behind a plane, the jumbotron and many other on-the-spot, do-or-die, very public proposal schemes. Read: Aussie Man Proposes Via Cut Wheat Field

According to the Mirror, a man from the island of Great Britain decided to improve the film Avatar by adding a little emotion to it. A bloke (Englishy English for "dude") conned his bird (Englishy English for "chick") into seeing the now-winner of the Oscar for Best Art Direction. The fellow ducked away from the previews or some such and the screen rolled with a video of him singing a Lou Reed standard. When the "serenade" ended, he popped the question: "Have a wedding there, love?"* She said, "'Course, I will. Fish and chips, then, guvnah." Read: Man Loses $12,000 Ring In Stunt Proposal

As the lights lifted, it was revealed that the 50 or so people in the audience were friends and family of the couple, and not the only 50 English speakers who had yet to see the big-screen rainmaker.

So what do you think of movie theater proposals?

*Note: This dialogue was entirely fictionalized but is entirely based on a true story.