Which Wedding Anniversary Is The Happiest?

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Research shows married couples are generally happiest around this wedding anniversary.

We've all heard of the honeymoon period—that time of sweet relief and excitement just after the wedding when many folks are thrilled just to be newlyweds. But what is the term for the two-year, 11-month mark?

This point in a marriage (or, more specifically, two years, 11 months and eight days after having tied the knot) is reportedly when a couple's happiness reaches its peak. According to a recent survey, "Just under three years emerged as the point when couples feel completely comfortable with each other's bad habits and have a plan for their future." Lemondrop: Is "We" The Key To A Happy Marriage?

Is this really the rosiest time for the newly married? We asked eight wives and husbands—some just approaching the mark, some years (or decades) past it—to reflect upon their own spousal-happiness levels. Here's what we learned...

Krissy, 29, married two years and two months:

"Apparently we have a few more months to go before we reach our 'happiest'—though I find it hard to believe that anything can top the birth of our son. It wasn't just meeting our baby for the first time and all the joy that brought us, but watching my husband Dave become a dad that made me fall in love with him all over again. Lemondrop: I Got Married At 18

As a woman, I think you are somewhat prepared for the instantaneous love you feel for your child, though you can't imagine it to the fullest capacity until you meet him/her for the first time you're somewhat prepared during pregnancy. I truly believe that you become a mom the minute you get pregnant—hinking constantly about your child, protecting him/her, changing your lifestyle, etc. But a man truly doesn't become a dad until those first couple of days ... and that is just amazing to watch. Lemondrop: The Key To A Happy Marriage Is A Younger, Smarter Wife (And Sex)

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