Bravo TV Star Urges Housewives To Buy Sex Toys

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Bravo TV star Kelly Cutrone wants women to know: shopping for sex toys is healthy and fun!

Tonight, Bravo will air their latest episode of Kell on Earth, in which Kelly Cutrone takes a trip to Babeland, one of our absolute favorite (sex) toy shops. Bravo initially wasn't going to air that segment of the episode—supposedly because it didn't fit in seamlessly with the storyline—but Cutrone put her foot down and some quick editing was done. Because everyone's favorite fashion PR guru wanted women to know: shopping for sex toys is fine…and fun! The Best Sex Toys for Singles

Cutrone tells Babeland, "Our show is about women and power, and now housewives are going to watch me shopping for sex toys, and see it as a fun and celebratory thing."

Here are four more reasons to bring an adult toy into your life:

1. They help you learn more about your bod.
We're proponents of solo sex because exploring your body is the best way to figure out what makes you feel good! And once you've pinpointed all your hot spots, you can share this info with your partner. He won't mind a little bit of direction from you. In fact, he'll probably welcome it. While your own two hands can certainly be sufficient for a few rounds of self-exploration, we love how certain toys are designed to get you off in certain ways: from clitoral stimulators to G-spot vibrators, there's something for every type of sexual preference. 5 Bogus Masturbation Myths

2. They allow you to explore kinkier things with yourself first.
So you're a pro when it comes to getting yourself off. But you're looking to step things up a notch. If you'd like to experiment with something kinkier, but are not yet sure whether it's worth introducing into your couple sex, pick up a toy and explore on your own. For example, the Little Flirt is a great butt plug for anal sex beginners because it's designed for easier insertion and removal. Lavish Nipple Clamps have adjustable pressure, which makes them a good starting point for those looking to explore the pleasure in pain. Fetishes Make The World Go Round

3. Getting off is good for you.
Multiple orgasms? Yes please! Not only does good sex feel great, studies show a healthy sex life helps stave off depression, among other ailments. We keep our Jimmyjane Iconic Smoothie in a drawer next to the bed. Come Again? Getting The Big O Again & Again

4. They can be incorporated into couple sex.
If you and your partner are in a sexual rut, why not add in some toys? A basic vibrator can certainly be utilized during foreplay, and there are a whole host of other toys made just for couples, including vibrating cock rings, restraints and insertables. And don't forget your lube! The Best Sex Toys for Couples

Are adult toys a regular part of your sex life? Which one's your favorite? Tell us below.

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