Someone from a FairyTale?

Someone from a FairyTale?

So here I am again...hello... whoever you are. Thanks for tuning in again.

Day 2 :

Dear reader I have a confession to make...I have not dating anyone since May last year. Why? you can this be? There are plenty of ppl out there looking for love. You are absolutely right there , and I know quite a few of them.Yet somehow I have found a reason not to go out with any of them.

This is usually the recipe I follow when avoiding a date.

1. Flirt with the person in question.
2. Throw in a few witty jokes and naughty looks..just enough to catch and keep their attention.
3. Play coy and dance around the subject for a week or so.
4. Come to inevitable conclusion that I can either accept the date or probably not talk to them again.

This is where the problem starts.

Either Ill go out with of those pretty first dates with a nice supper and lots of conversation.
Or ..and usually this is the case ..Ill avoid the subject or have a million other things to do so they drop it.

Of course this the point where I usually ask myself ...Girl..what are you doing ??

When I do actually go out with them after having a great time I get all confused and scared. Yes dear reader scared. Wondering if I did everything right ,..or said enough cute things...or looked good enough. But most of all I wonder whats next. Do they ask me I ask them I run for the hills I take them home and well....

Now all of this is all complicated and makes my head spin...Im sure you have been there. My solution??


This is the point where I come up with a reason I cant go out with them anymore or at all. They are too short..too tall...too poor...too rich...too funny...not funny enough. I can come up with excuses all day . After I find something or somethings wrong with em it gets easy. Next step is to put up a wall and slowly drift away...hoping that they get it and move on.

Now why, you ask, would I do all of this ?

Trust me I have asked myself the same thing so many times. So far the answer is fuzzy. Sometimes Im happy being single...other times it really was something wrong with them..or I just " know" it wont work out so why bother.

So what is a somewhat lonely...totally confused...relationship sabotaging girl to do ?

I could keep running until I find the " perfect" prince charming from all those disney movies ...
Or  I could suck it up and try to be nice to the next candidate whether or not I have a problem with how he laughs. But of course it wont work out ;)

I guess this is the first step in recovery from being a datephobic...Let us home dear reader we can get up the nerve to actually enjoy ourselves whenever the next DATE  will be .