What am I doing ?

What am I doing ?

Ok ..so here it goes..my first attempt at blogging.

Not really sure if anyone is going to read this ...I mean there are probably dozens if not hundreds of ppl doing the exact same thing as me ..all wondering and maybe even hoping someone is reading their work.

This is suppose to be a blog about my feelings ...all I can say on that subject is ..oh boy. I havent let myself deal with my feelings let alone give someone else a peak at em. It seems you my dear reader will be the first to see a long procession of a messed up and chaotic rollar coaster called my emotional life. I pity you dear reader, I only hope that you take something from this ...if only not to blog to yourself.

So Day 1..how do I feel?

Tired. Busy. Stressed. Not interested in sitting down and dealing with myself. Unfortuantely more ppl than care to admit can relate. Its too easy isnt it dear reader ..just to bottle everything up and bury ourselves in work and other day to day activities. The less time we have to focus on our problems the better .
But it is time we come clean...if only to ourselves. We must face the facts. ...else its only going to be long days and an empty house and heart.

Its going to be a slow painful process reader ...I wont lie. We can only hope it will be worth it in the end. So this then, is the beginning to the end..the end of buring everything underneath piles of dirty dishes , overtime and drycleaning. The end of pretending everything is ok and the wondering why we push everyone away from us. The beginning of the end of our unhappiness.

Are you with me ?