6 Best Oscar Couples

Buzz, Love

These six couples made Oscar night a fantastically sexy date night.

Often forgotten in all the pre-Oscar betting on who will win, who will show up wearing a designer bed sheet, and who will go home with Jeremy Piven is the essential truth that Hollywood's biggest night is often a great date night for Hollywood couples, especially when they're not nominated and can just have a whale of a time. Sure, it's not the drunken party of the Golden Globes, but Oscar night always has that patina of sexiness, that extra burst of specialness that makes couples in love look like royalty, and gives us all just the tiniest peek into a world that, for one night, anyway, looks glorious and shiny and perfect. And until Penelope Cruz finally admits she's having a sizzling affair with Javier Bardem and brings him to an awards show, we'll settle for the following six pairings.

Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams, 2006

The couple, both nominees for Brokeback Mountain and new parents to daughter Matilda, stepped out for Oscar night looking polished, glamorous, and totally in love. Michelle glowed in a lemony Vera Wang gown, and Heath looked gorgeous, if a little ill at ease. In retrospect they are one of our favorite Oscar couples, if only because their time together was so short and yet so beautiful. The Truth About Heath Ledger And Michelle Williams

Helen Mirren & Taylor Hackford, 2007

That night's winner for The Queen absolutely looked the part alongside her doting director husband. In her glorious Christian Lacroix gown, she made 61 look absolutely smoking hot, and we have to say we love seeing a happy, handsome older couple like Helen and Taylor working the red carpet and showing all the young'uns how it’s done.