Playgirl Asks Jon Gosselin To Pose Just For Laughs

Jon Gosselin Playgirl

Ha Ha. His shrinking celebrity endowment and tiny manhood only bring in $20K.

Poor Jon Gosselin of the tiny penis and shrinking celebrity credentials. Is it time to start feeling sorry for you?

Perhaps it is, because the latest news is that Playgirl is offering the portly reality television star and father of eight $20,000 for a "novelty" spread in their magazine.

Gasp! Can you even imagine?

If J-Goss were to accept their snarky proposal, it would be for $80,000 less than that other fame-whore-of-a-father, Levi Johnston, was offered, and under no uncertain terms purely for laughs. Ha Ha. Jon Gosselin is fat. Ha Ha. His penis is so tiny. Ha Ha. He's such a loser.

Our friends over at HollywoodLife.com have the details:

Jon Gosselin, we know you owe your ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman $200,000 (or so she claims) — but would you honestly consider taking Playgirl magazine's offer to get naked in exchange for $20,000?

The magazine did say they would offer you a small chunk of change to take it all off! "We discussed it," a rep for Playgirl tells Life & Style. But as for the tiny monetary offer? "His star is extinguishing, and he's not very well endowed," the rep said! Ouch!

Jon G., should you choose to take it all off, you'd be following the footsteps of Playgirl's recent coverboy Levi Johnston — also known as Bristol Palin's baby daddy.

But let's be clear about why the mag wants him. "Honestly, it'd be more of a novelty than an actual sexy shoot," Playgirl's rep said of Jon's proposed photo shoot. Obviously! [Source: HollywoodLife]

Meanwhile, ex-wife Kate is continuing so soak up the good PR vibes with her latest move to dance with the stars. We hear that comes with a $200,000 paycheck.

Photo via Fame Pictures.