Busy Wedding Days: A Baby & A Vendetta

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Starting a honeymoon in a hospital or a jailhouse is not fun.

It turns out that most women have it pretty easy on their wedding day. The months of planning, dieting, haggling, bargaining with God and breath-holding (sorta) move into the rearview mirror if everyone does their damned job and manages to stow their petty bullsh. Occasionally, however, a woman will pitch an extra level of difficulty into the miasma of wedding day mayhem. Read: Multitasking: Combine A Graduation & A Wedding

First, the awwww moment. Per Yahoo! News, we bring you a woman from the great state of Ohio. The story goes that a woman from Toledo felt some for-real contractions when her dad was walking her down the aisle at her wedding. The wedding had been planned two weeks before with the estimation that the baby would not come so soon, and was executed out of a desire to "do the right thing." So the deacon dropped the short-short version on the couple, they exchanged vows/ rings and then dashed to the hospital. The baby was presumably born with the requisite number of fingers, toes, eyes, ears, lungs and reproductive organs. Read: The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts

Not to be nitpicky, but there were probably at least 30 months from the pee stick date to the nuptials. Doing the "right thing" could have happened way sooner. Eventually, that kid is going to learn to do math: "Um, so you guys were married on the 27th of February and I was born the 27th… of February… so, carry the one, I was conceived, subtract the denominator, sometime around Bast-ober. Thanks, jerks." Also, if your daughter is eight and a half months pregnant during the wedding, is "giving away" really necessary?