James Cameron's Work Obsession Ruined His Marriage

James Cameron workaholic

Linda Hamilton says James left her for Titanic. Well, it was a very nice ship.

James Cameron's fourth wife, Linda Hamilton, tells the UK paper The Sun that the reason their marriage ended was because he's a workaholic who's married to his movies. Um, duh, Linda. He met you at work. He met the wife after you at work. He met the two wives before you at work. See a pattern? Work Vs Love: A Man's Case For Putting Work First

Linda, who met James in 1984 when she was cast as Sarah Connor in The Terminator (which he cowrote with his then wife, producer Gale Anne Hurd), told The Sun, "Titanic was the mistress he left me for. He was the kind of man who really would rather be at work with the mistress than at home with the wife." How To Be A Workaholic And Have A Relationship

This does, however, contradict the longstanding rumor that the mistress James left Linda for was Suzy Amis, his current wife (and the lady in the photo on this page), who played Rose's granddaughter in Titanic. Not so, apparently, even though gossips were abuzz in 1998 that James set Suzy up in a home down the coast from the Malibu mansion he shared with Linda. He and Linda divorced in 1999, and he married Suzy in 2000.

Linda's interview is kind of oddly timed, coming just days before the Oscars, where, as you might have heard, James and his third wife, Kathryn Bigelow, will be the first former spouses to compete for Best Director, for their respective great 2009 films, Avatar and The Hurt Locker. By all accounts, James and Kathryn have a very cordial relationship; they were married for two years and have been divorced almost 20, and have worked together since breaking up. Gale Anne Hurd, as well, speaks well of James, at least in a professional context. So it sounds like Linda may be just the slightest bit put out at how her career is just not going so well these days, and James has made the two highest-grossing films in history. But if anyone is actually surprised to hear that James Cameron is a workaholic and it affects his personal life, well, we have a bridge to sell you.

Via The New York Daily News. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.