Who Will Be Jeremy Renner's Oscar Date?

Jeremy Renner
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Will it be Charlize? Jessica? Or someone a bit...older?

Move over, Brad Pitt. Make some room, Johnny Depp. Thanks to Jeremy Renner's star turn in The Hurt Locker, the single actor has become the Hollywood hunk du jour. Everyone wants to know who he's dating, if he's dating, and—most importantly—who he's taking to the Oscars this Sunday.

Apparently, Jeremy and girlfriend Jes Macallan broke up early this year. So now that he's a single guy in the spotlight, that means that he can't come within 50 yards of a woman without sparking dating rumors! Can Men And Women Just Be Friends?

And first up is Charlize Theron. The Amazonian actress also began the year newly single, after ending her nine-year relationship with Stuart Townsend. She and Jeremy have been seen cozying up to each other quite a bit lately, and Charlize even hosted a party for The Hurt Locker cast and crew. Jeremy recently told People, "We're just friends. We’re crazy about each other." And in some of the pics over at Celebitchy, Jeremy certainly does seem crazy about Charlize. Crazy in lust, maybe.

Next up is Jessica Simpson, whose phone has been "ringing off the hook" since John Mayer outed her as a sexual dynamo. Jess met Jeremy recently at a cocktail party thrown by Madonna's manager. According to a People source, "Jeremy spent the night hitting on Jessica like crazy. They were really flirting up a storm." At the end of the night, the two exchanged numbers. But even if there was a connection there, we doubt Jeremy will be calling Jess to be his Oscar date. Mainly because he's already got a date lined up. And she's not some blonde Hollywood bombshell.