Kendra Wilkinson Fighting Postpartum

hank basket and kendra wilkinson

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson have had a few bad months since having their baby.

Over at OK! they have an exclusive from a former member of Girls Next Door and current star of Kendra, Kendra Wilkinson. She's suffering from postpartum depression. Read: Kendra Wilkinson Weds At Playboy Mansion

OK! teases to their interview in the print magazine but indicates that Kendra Wilkinson was almost immediately down after the birth of her son Hank Baskett Jr. on December 11, 2009. Read: It's A Boy For Kendra Wilkinson

Evidently, actually having a baby in Indianapolis, Indiana was a major departure from shaking her groove thang for a geriatric legend in Los Angeles, California. Unkempt replaced meticulously made-up and coiffed, baby bottles replaced bottles of champs and mom sweats and dirty diaps replaced couture and barely-there tees. Not always an easy transition.

On top of the realization that the days of disco and diamonds and doneski, 8 – 20% of women suffer from some sort of shellshock, the aforementioned postpartum depression, after delivering a baby (though Tom Cruise may beg to differ).

In addition to Kendra Wilkinson having a baby, the Wilkinson-Basketts suffered another setback since Hank Baskett Jr. was born: Super Bowl XLIV. Hank Baskett's professional football club, the Indianapolis Colts took it on the chin from the New Orleans Saints. During the Saints' upset victory, they executed a tricky play, an onside kick, to swing the game's momentum. Hank Baskett was the Colt who botched the play and lost the halftime mojo that the Colts owned. Read: Kim And Reggie: Fighting After The Super Bowl

Not a fun few months for the Wilkinson-Basketts.

Not to go on too much of a tangent, but shouldn't we have come up with a better name for postpartum depression? The "partum" part sounds like "part 'em" and the contraction "'em" does not convey a sense of seriousness or urgency in most precincts.

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