Rihanna's Boyfriend Throws Her An Awesome Birthday

Rihanna gets a midget stripper for her birthday

Bridget the Midget helps Rihanna celebrate her twenty-second year.

When Matt Kemp first came on the scene, we weren't sure what to make of him. Is Rihanna repeating past mistakes? we asked. There were those rumors of an abusive past, after all. Is Rihanna's New Man Abusive?

As time went by, however, we were more and more willing to see that rumor for what it really was — a rumor — and let the baseball star into our good graces.

And with the latest reports, we can now say he's definitely earned the good boyfriend gold star.

Per the Daily Mail, we learn that, instead of letting her sit alone on her birthday, Kemp placed a plastic tiara on her head and whisked her away to a surprise party more than a month in the making!

He even arranged for a 4ft tall stripper, Bridget The Midget, to give Rihanna a lap dance, as she sat laughing in a chair.

A source told a U.S. magazine: 'It was a little female person. She thought it was funny.'

And even though she wasn't expecting the bash, Rihanna soon got into the party spirit. At one point Rihanna and a female guest were grinding away on the dance floor, making the most of the time off. [Source: Daily Mail]

Not only that, but he had friends gather around to sing "Happy Birthday," piles of presents waiting, and a birthday cake decorated with pictures of her tattoos.

He certainly has a sense of humor and a thoughtfulness that any gal can appreciate.

We like the joie de vivre that he brings to her life!

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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