originally posted on January 8, 2010:

Last night I had a dream in which I saw Jessica Simpson treading deep waters in a dark pond. I saw the silhouette of a large male figure standing on the shore. He appeared to be throwing an expensive watch and some valuable jewelry into the bleak pond near Jessica. The jewelry quickly sank to the bottom of the pond. It appeared that Jessica desperately wanted to dive down to retrieve the jewels but gave up, apparently overwhelmed with the anxiety that she could not dive deep enough.

Dream Interpretation:

 I interpret this dream to mean that Jessica is suffering from depression and anxiety associated with her recent breakup. She see’s him as “trashing” what she treasured (symbolized by the valuable jewelry and watch, i.e. their time together.) The fact that he threw the valuable jewelry and watch directly to where she was treading water and it quickly sunk to the bottom of the pond suggests that he intentionally meant to cut her off and wanted her to forget him, indicating that for him their relationship was totally over. Jessica’s desire to retrieve the jewels and realization that she couldn’t dive deep enough translates as her frustration over losing the love she treasured very deeply (Tony Romo) which was lost somewhere in time.

 Premonitory Overtones:

 The dream implies that Jessica Simpson might be headed for a severe emotional collapse and potential .

On a follow up note, I recently found out that John Mayer “… gave Jessica Simpson a Rolex Datejust Jubilee Men’s Watch with an Oyster Bracelet.” You can see her wearing the watch in the paparazzi photograph.

 Therefore, in light of new developments and Jessica’s public humiliation by John Mayer, the dream appears to point toward John Mayer and the fact that he meant to trash Jessica in the public’s eye. On the other hand, the very fact that the man’s face was obscured implies that the male figure symbolized all Jessica’s relationships after her break up with Nick Lashey. The pattern that stands out for her is one of rejection and disrespect.  The reason for this rejection and disrespect stems from Jessica’s anxiety and fear of rejection. It a word, she creates disrespect and rejection because that’s what she is anticipating. She simply doesn’t expect to be loved.

 Jessica is strung out somewhere between a desire to appear as a strong, independent, sexy starlet and actually being an insecure, immature, fearful little girl that hasn’t had a chance to fully grow up. So you might say she’s hung up somewhere between Cinderella-land and trying to be the bomb. I feel she should reassess herself as a person and spend some time getting reacquainted with her true feelings, finding out what is really important to her and learning to appreciate her natural qualities.

 As a matter of fact, after watching her interview with Oprah, I got the impression that she had grown up a lot and that she was headed in the direction of healing her self-image. The most important impression I received from her interview is that she is no longer hung up on the anorexic “Daisy-May” image.

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