Jessica Simpson Dishes On 'Jiggle' And John Mayer


Oprah gets Jess to open up about some of her more painful and embarrassing moments of the past year.

Oprah's long-awaited interview with Jessica Simpson aired today, and the response towards Jess around the Internet has been overwhelmingly positive. And that's as it should be, considering that the blonde bombshell spoke frankly and openly about some touchy subjects—namely, her weight and big-mouthed ex-boyfriend—while remaining firmly planted on the high road.

Jessica told Oprah that "the mom jeans situation" was the most difficult thing about 2009. She also explained why she never gave the media the satisfaction of addressing her so-called "weight problem": "It would bother any woman, I think...I didn't want to sit down and talk with anyone about it. People who are a size bigger will look at it, and think they're fat because of what the media is saying. I didn't want to feed into it, or let people know that it was affecting me." Do Men Have Body Image Hangups?

Jess added that she "loves her curves," and would "never be a size zero" or look like she did when she played Daisy Duke. And even though we all punched our fists into the air and shouted, "You go, girl!" at those remarks, it was pretty distressing to learn that those "mom jeans" were only a size FOUR.

After tackling that weighty topic, Oprah finally asked Jess the question that everyone was waiting for —how did she feel about John Mayer's Playboy interview read round-the-world? Jessica admitted that she couldn't read the entire article (in which John called her sexual "crack cocaine"), but had heard enough about it to be "very disappointed in him." Jess continued, "I'm not angry. I'm—well, I'm a little bit angry...I felt betrayed. I hope he gets his life together." She then revealed that John did apologize, but she doesn't accept it. "I don't resent him. I'm just gonna let that go and that's...that part of my life is over." 6 Important Benefits Of Forgiving

Jessica seems to be handling this all very well, and is certainly getting the last laugh. As she told Oprah, the tales of her sexual prowess "could have been a lot worse," and now that the world knows that she's "sexual napalm," her phone has been "ringing off the hook!"

Scoop: Photo: George Burns/Harpo Productions.