Would You Visit A Sex Club?

sex club

The Austrian museum The Secession gives a daytime view of a sex club.

The world is becoming a much more accepting place for kink. Stores like Babeland can exist in neighborhoods outside of the Castro District without taking a Molotov cocktail through the front window, Dan Savage is syndicated in roughly every English-speaking periodical and every third pair of underpants is edible.

The last bastion to flying one's freak flag unfettered is the sex club. These palaces of pleasure and pain were impenetrable to squares...until now. According to USA Today a museum in Vienna is offering a glimpse at what goes on at a swinging sex party…the morning after. The Secession, a modern art museum in Austria's most famous city is now, temporarily, the home to a club called Element6. Read: Inside An NYC Sex Club

During the day, museum-goers, dilettantes, epicureans and Klimt aficionados can see the beds, erotic artwork and hot tubs that populate the club to get a little understanding what goes on at these nighttime adventures. Obviously, the aftermath of a sex party is not as exciting as catching one of these en media res, but as long as the fabric has been steam-cleaned, the whirlpools Cloroxed and the condoms broomed into a dustbin, it's safe for the masses. Read: Not Your Mother's Sex Club. Or Maybe It Is...

Have you ever been to a sex club? Would you visit one during the day, or do they hold no interest for you? 

The very funny comedian Ophira Eisenberg has a great story about going to an S & M club  on a writing assignment. I recommend listening to episode 108 of Kevin Allison's Risk! podcast for that one.