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No love lost!


Me and my man have been together for almost two years now and it gets rough, we have our good and bad time and i love him to death, he is my world. Not many people know how i met him but im always gettting asked so i figure ill write it on here, the people i know personally that dont know how i dont want to know. In a way it makes me look horrid. so here it goes. I was dating this guy and he was "my first" i thought it was love to no end, we were at the festival by where i live when he had some friends come hang out, and that was fine, i thought it would be fun. Then i seen one of his frends and he was adorable, sexy, he had gorgeous eyes and was just amazing, funny sweet the whole 9 yards, we were all hanging out and me and his friend started flirting a bit, i tried not to but he was so cute and just kept complimenting me and saying cute yet cocky things, i couldnt get over it. After the festival me and my boyfriend went back to my house and his friends went home, i was laying next to my boyfriend that night and i couldnt help thinking, how do i feel so in love with the man laying next to me yet i cant stop thinking about his friend. The next day the festival was still going on and his friends came down again, That day me and my boyfriend broke up and i started hanging out with his friend for about a week straight after that...and thats how we met..there is alot more that happened after that but its alot to write and i doubt you want to read that much lol but thats how i met the love of my life and the guy im with now and very happy with =] 


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