Is Romance Really Necessary?


My boyfriend and I have very different views on a lot of things, romance being a key subject. I am a great believer in fairytales; that you meet someone, fall in love and they whisk you away from all your trouble and melt away your fears. I wasn’t looking for love when I first saw my boyfriend, but I found it. They say you can’t help who you fall for, and that’s certainly the case with me. I am a very open person who likes nothing more than to talk things through, my boyfriend is completely opposite. My colourful rants are often met with a steely silence, an added grunt if I’m lucky.

My boyfriend isn’t one for gestures. I get gifts on occasions or if he’s weed on the carpet while drunk, and I have to admit he will put thought into his “apology gifts”. He is not the kind of man to indulge me; buy me flowers just because I’m special or chocolates because he’s thinking of me. I once bought a frying pan in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s breakfast, he went through my bags, found it and then told me I’d wasted a pound. For Valentine’s day I bought him an array of treats, among others: a singing frog, a rose, some rose petals that I spread across the bed (not realising they were hard and subsequently they scratched my back to shreds) all of this effort and the appreciation factor? Zero. You see my boyfriend doesn’t see gifts, he sees wasted money and unnecessary items.

When I was a little girl I dreamt of a love so strong it defied nature. All I ever wanted was a man who I could look at everyday and feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach. So would I be willing to pay the ultimate price and give up all my hopes of romance for this man? Every single day of my life; because I don’t need expensive items or grand gestures, I receive the ultimate gift everyday when I look into his eyes: true love.