My Ex Was Abusive Like Mel Gibson


One woman confesses to having an abusive ex just like Mel Gibson.

There's nothing like a good Hollywood meltdown, especially when the subject is as detestable as Mel Gibson.

His "Gallipoli" days far behind him, Mel's become a bit of a frootbat in recent years, in case you haven't noticed. And I know you have. I really can't think of a more humiliating, scathing example of naked, caught-on-tape aggression than his recent Oksana-bashing rants. Lemondrop: Super Woman—Tammi Burns, Abuse Survivor, Aparrel Creator

As a pop-culture voyeur, I do get a certain schadenfreude from listening. But as a woman, I also get a chill. Because brutal as those rants are, it took me a couple rounds before I finally said, "OK, I haven't heard that before." Because I have an abusive ex exactly like Mel, and I had tapes like Oksana's. And hearing it all again makes me just a teeny bit sick to my stomach. Lemondrop: It Could Happen To Rihanna. It Happened To Me

I should interject here to say: my ex went to AA, got sober and made amends, and not just to me. These days we're arm's-length friendly: He might ask me for relationship advice, I might send a link about Mario Brothers for him to share with his kids (whom I still adore). Lemondrop: He's in AA, I'm A Lovable Drunk—Is Our Relationship Doomed?

In fact, when the Mel Gibson brouhaha hit, he called and asked, "Didja hear the tapes?"

"Are you kidding? I got déjà vu," I told him.

"Ah, you're a b***h," he laughed. Then, after a pause, "I'm sorry."

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Written by Amy Keyishian for Lemondrop