Man Duped Out Of $58K Engagement Ring, BMW, Pride

gold digger

Who gets the ring in a broken engagement? Who gets the self-worth?

Some ladies see a guy with an open heart and a little change in his pocket and think: Keeper! Swoon. And then there are others who see that same guy and think, "I'm gonna play this chump for a sucker and sell his telescope for pot." Unfortunately, a well-meaning ophthalmologist found the latter.

Per, Eye Doctor, MD (AKA Dr. Roger Adler) of Ohio was pressured into becoming engaged to a gal named Capricious McBait-And-Switchy (AKA Rena Friedman) after only six weeks of dating. After the betrothal, things quickly went downhill. In addition to the $58,000 engagement ring (please tell me they did not go to Tiffany for that), the lady requested, somewhat insistently, a new BMW and first-class passes to Australia. Read: A Quick History Of Engagement Rings

The camel's back caved over a guest list disagreement. Evidently, she was not in favor of his parents attending the nuptials. This could be because—as bees can sense fear—the elderly can smell gold diggers and, with one toenail in the grave, aren't afraid to make a spectacle or question someone's ethnicity. (Or age: The woman also apparently claimed to be 11 years younger than her biological age.)

Now the good eye doctor would like his gol-dang ring back. But, as stated in the case of Finders-Keepers vs. Losers-Weepers, possession is nine-tenths of the law, and a person who is dumped may maintain possession of both engagement jewelry and any mutually-met friends. You can go ahead and check out the story for more details and red flagsRead: Who Gets The Ring?

Meanwhile, the kids at had this to offer: "Today, I got a call from my girlfriend of 13 months. She told me that she had gotten chlamydia from the guy she cheated on me with, and that I most likely have it too. I gave her a diamond ring, she gave me chlamydia. FML"

If Dr. Dude is spot-on about the pecadillos and bait and switch-craft, should he get the ring back?