Love Test: The Trait Singles Want Most In A Date


What's the number one trait singles want in a date?

They say it is better to give than to receive. When "they" are real-live scientists, it must be true! A recent study examined 150 women and 155 men and asked them to rank the attractiveness of various people's dating profiles. Profiles that revealed volunteer activities, altruism and all-around generosity were ranked as more attractive than neutral and non-generous-seeming people. Now this info related to people evaluating others for long-term relationship potential. Women still appreciated kindness in short-term prospects but men, well they didn't really care so much. So feel free to be a pill with guys you want short-term flings with!* Are Whipped Men The New Bad Boys?

We thought of 5 altruistic activities that would be fun, rewarding and have great potential for meeting good people!

1) Soup Kitchen. A classic. Help people who need it most by serving them much-needed health food. A soup kitchen provides a valuable service to the community. Because it's a restaurant kind of setting it can also be highly social and fun in the kitchen. You never know who they're going to get to wash those massively heavy pots and pans...

2) Community Garden. Community gardens are good for the environment, community and are now quite trendy! A quick search of your neighborhood or very nearby will likely turn up a community garden that needs volunteers. Many even feature programs where you can help mentor kids in learning about the environment and nutrition through the food they are growing. Plus it doesn't hurt that urban farmer dudes are super hot! Male Take: Where To Meet Good Men

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