Tiger Woods, Sanford: Who Else Should PETA Mock?


Octomom? Gary Busey? Jon Gosselin? Eliot Spitzer?

While they may not have been able to control the actual man himself, the Tiger Woods camp has been known for fiercely protecting The Brand Tiger Woods and all the images and slogans that come with it.

It comes as no surprise then that quick legal action was taken when they heard about PETA's plans to plaster his face on billboards along with the slogan, "Too much sex can be a bad thing."

Ha Ha Ha. According to Page Six:

Lawyers for the horndog golfer threatened to sue the activists if they used his once-valuable image in their campaign urging owners to neuter their pets. So now PETA says it will feature another famous philanderer, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, with the possible tagline: "Your dog doesn't have to go to South America to get laid."

A PETA source told Page Six, "We were contacted by Tiger's lawyers at IMG who kindly, but firmly, told us we were not authorized to use his image on the billboard, and would we desist. We agreed and have now turned the focus of our campaign to Mark Sanford." [Source:NYPost]

Mark Sanford is a perfect alternative. But, then again, there are so many alternatives out there right now: Eliot Spitzer, David Paterson, Octomom, Gary Busey, Jon Gosselin.

Hmm.... what would their PETA slogans be?