Rozlyn Papa's Sex Tape Stars A Well-Endowed Man

rozlyn papa has a sex tape

You know, some girls should just keep a low profile. Twenty-nine-year-old model/single mom/notorious Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa has created quite a scene on this season's The Bachelor. Turns out before that, she created quite another scene...and a porn producer reports Papa is "definitely" the star of a just-leaked sex tape.

TMZ busted the story late Wednesday night, saying that the person who's shopping the tape around to porn sites in L.A. claims that the star is Rozlyn Papa. While Rozlyn's rep says Papa has "no knowledge of any tape," one king in the porn community who's seen the video says that the sex tape star is "definitely Rozlyn."

Apparently this new celeb sex tape features Rozlyn Papa engaged in "one sexual act with a well-endowed gentleman." These are the only details we know so far, but we think it's pretty comical how Rozlyn allegedly also did the nasty with a gross Bachelor producer, then insisted Bachelor host Chris Harrison had been philandering with the producer's wife. (Harrison responded saying he and his wife laugh at Rozlyn Papa.)

Okay Rozlyn Papa, you're pretty. That's it. Now go away.

Written by Kristine Gasbarre for LimeLife.

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