Flittering: Where Twitter And Flirting Meet

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Speed dating plus smart phones equals the greatest singles tweetup ever.

Look out Twitterverse, there's a new game in town: Flittering. Because the world has gone portmanteau-crazy, Flitter, as a proper noun, means to flirt via Twitter. And, per Rueters, people actually go to great lengths to get in on semi-anonymous Flitter action. Read: Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Dating Advice

Flittering is become ATR (All The Rage) in Canada. FastLife, a company that specializes in events like speed dating, organizes parties in which attendees can send anonymous or fully-credited messages to other party-goers. You show up, slap a sticker with your ID # on your torso (presumably over your left breast, but who knows how Canadians do things) and keep your peepers peeled wide open for anyone whose look tickles your fancy. Then you send pithy notes regarding those good or interesting looks and hope the sentiment is reciprocated. Your tweet shows up on a big and live board for the interesting person, God and everyone else to see. This may be the first ever useful application of Twitter in anything approaching a productive or real life environment.

To paraphrase FastLife honcho Justin Parfitt, it works because everyone there is interested in making something happen (or "meeting new friends") and Twitter is an un-threatening way to let your interest be known. 

It sounds like a really great idea and residents of all four Canadian cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal) seem to have enjoyed it. It seems like some amount of flies could make its way into the ointment by a few wise acres Flittering randomly from home, but there are probably safeguards.

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Would you ever give a Flitter party a go (if the Canadians would stop be so selfish and hogging the concept)?