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One of the key skills of most good poker players is the ability to read what their opponents are thinking. This involves being very perceptive of body language and paying close attention to "poker tells." But what can we learn from the poker table that can be applied to real life situations, such as reading a love interest's body language or decoding how a stranger is reacting to you?

Bradley "Yukon" Booth—a spokesperson for online gaming website who is widely known for his stint on NBC's hit show Poker after Dark—has refined his skills on the table to apply to an abundance of real-life situations. A master at reading his opponents, Booth also uses his sharp perceptive skills to read body language in women, friends and a variety of situations. 

Below, he outlines his top observations on reading body language, which are useful and can be applied in many real life situations...

When you are talking to someone, if they are mimicking your body position and action it means that they are comfortable in the situation and most likely interested by you and what you are saying. On the other hand, if they are turned away from you or standing in an opposing position, it likely means they are disinterested or closed off.

Position of Legs:
When standing, Legs are a good indicator of how confident someone is. If someone is standing with their legs shoulder width apart they are relaxed. If they are standing with a stance wider than that they are confident and are in a grounded position to show they are in control. When sitting down if the legs are crossed it shows the person is in protective mode. This is very much used alongside crossed arm action. If the legs are open when the person is seated, they are in a relaxed position. The same as when standing.

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