Meet The Staff: Community Director Lyz Lenz


Community Director Lyz Lenz is the most upbeat person we know.

The other week, we introduced you to our founder and CEO, Andrea Miller. She makes the rest of us—despite our tendencies to work in the off-hours, neglect loved ones and forget meals—look like lazy bums. This week, we'd like to move along the masthead and spotlight our perpetually-cheery Community Director, Lyz Lenz. Unfortunately for us, she works remotely, in the far, far land that is Iowa. So we can't go to lunch together or swap friendship bracelets. Fortunately, she rocks the whole community thing, and is regularly in contact with you, dear readers, and quick to report back to us on the winningest community blog posts and trending topics.

Dying to know more? Lyz lives in Iowa with her husband and a myriad of houseplants, all of whom are named "Pete." She and her husband spend a lot of time fixing things in their 80-year-old house, which has prompted them to frequently throw knives at each other. No one has died. Yet. Lyz also enjoys running, and reading books outside on her front lawn, while surreptitiously spying on the neighbors. When she isn't managing the YourTango community, she can be found on other web hotspots, like her Twitter page or her blog. Lyz also does a lot of writing, so you should check out some of her work here.

Lyz would totally love it if you hung out around our community blog more often. Or, if you're looking for help with your relationship conundrums, head on over to Ask YourTango, where readers seek out and dispense love advice.