Out Love Each Other

Out Love Each Other

So, here we are again. Valentine’s Day. The day couples step it up
from their usual day-to-day grind to show how much they care.   Sure,
it’s a bit contrived and cliche, and many people argue that they don’t
need a day set aside by Hallmark to prove they love each other.  I see
your point here, maybe we shouldn’t need a special day to
celebrate our love. But, hell! Relationships are hard work! Why
wouldn’t you take every chance you get to strengthen your bond and
remind your special someone how much you appreciate them! My advice to
you, is to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a BIG way!  It shows you value
what you have.

We all long for the days when our relationship was new and everyday
felt like Valentine’s Day! The truth is, however, that as our love
grows, we become more comfortable.  And comfort can easily transition
into laziness.  The Key to keeping that Valentine’s Day love going all
year long is simple in theory but can prove to be difficult to keep up. 
Out love each other. Trust me, it’s worth the

When both parties have the mindset that they are dedicated to loving
their significant other even better than they themselves are loved,
magic happens.  Both people are putting the other person first. 
Selfishness is greatly reduced and love is strengthened.  Both parties
feel fulfilled, and it is the true meaning of a give and take
relationship.  Make it a competition of sorts to see who can out love
the other one!  This is one competition where everybody wins!

This doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank everyday with fancy
dinners, champagne, chocolates, and  flowers.  I’m simply suggesting
that you offer to do the little things everyday with love.  For example,
start the coffee pot in the morning for your sleeping beauty.  Do the
dishes when you notice they are starting to pile up.  Call on your way
home from work to see if there is anything you can get them.  If you are
both sitting on the couch and your significant other mentions they are
thirsty, get up and bring them a beverage.  Rub their feet after a long
day at work.  Start their car for them on a cold day.  Do the
little things with BIG love!

So, on this Valentine’s day make the promise to each other that you
will try everyday to OUT LOVE EACH OTHER.  You will be
amazed at how your relationship changes with this promise.   True
happiness comes from giving.  When you are both consciously giving as
much as you can, you will start to notice that everyday really does feel
more like Valentine’s Day!